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A pyridone compound of the following formula, or a salt thereof, wherein R1 and R2 are independently a hydrogen atom or a lower alkyl group having up to 4 carbon atoms. X is a hydrogen atom or methyl or sulfo group, A is an unsubstituted or substituted phenylene or naphthylene group, and Y is -SO2CH=CH2 or -SO2CH2CH2Z, in which Z is a group capable of being split by the action of an alkali. The compound is useful for dyeing or printing fiber materials to give a dyed product of a brilliant yellow color excellent in various fastness properties with good reproducibility.

Monoazo pyridone compound.
Application Number
EP19840305654 19840820
Publication Number
0172283 (A1)
Application Date
August 20, 1984
Publication Date
February 26, 1986
Takeshita Akira
Harada Naoki
Sawamoto Hiroazu
Miyamoto Tetsuya
Omura Takashi
Kayane Yutaka
Sumitomo Chemical Co
D06P 03/66
C09B 62/51
C09B 62/085
D06P 01/38
C09B 62/44
D06P 01/384
C09B 62/44
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