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Silicate esters which catalyse the formation of isocyanurates or isocyanaurate linkages in isocyanate condensation polymers have the formula wherein R1 is a C2-C4 alkylene radical and R2 is either a methyl or alkyl radical. The catalysts may be used to prepare polyurethanes, poly(isocyanurates) and poly(2-oxazolidones).

Process for the formation of isocyanurates.
Application Number
EP19850305120 19850718
Publication Number
0169708 (A2)
Application Date
July 18, 1985
Publication Date
January 29, 1986
Ashida Kaneyoshi
Bp Chem Int
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C08G 18/00
C07D 251/00
C08G 18/18
C08G 18/02
C08G 18/00
C07D 251/34
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