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In a method and apparatus for inducing a photochemical reaction, wherein a substrate (5) is placed in a closed cell (10) with a window (10A) for transmitting an ultraviolet beam therethrough, the substrate (5) being located to oppose the window (10A), a gas is filled to cause the photochemical reaction upon radiation of the ultraviolet beam in the cell (10), ultraviolet pulses with adjustable repetition frequency at a predetermined intensity are emitted, so that the ultraviolet beam having the set beam size and shape at the repetition frequency is irradiated through the window (10A) of the cell (10), an ultraviolet beam size and shape are adjusted in accordance with a size and shape of an irradiation portion of the substrate (5); ; and the repetition frequency of the ulraviolet beam is adjusted and set to effectively cause the photochemical reaction on the substrate (5) in accordance with the adjusted ultraviolet beam size and shape.

Method and apparatus for inducing photochemical reaction.
Application Number
EP19850108906 19850716
Publication Number
0169485 (A2)
Application Date
July 16, 1985
Publication Date
January 29, 1986
Washio Kunihiko
Morishige Yukio
Yokoyama Hiroyuki
Kishida Shunji
Nippon Electric Co
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G03F 07/10
C23C 16/48
G03F 07/20
G03F 07/004
C23C 16/48
G03F 07/20
G03F 07/004
C23C 16/48
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