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The present invention relates to a pump module (14) for a powered air purifying respirator assembly including a facepiece (1) and a filter canister (32). The pump module (14) comprises a housing (15) having an air inlet (16) and an air outlet (17) and containing a fan (22) and motor (24). The pump module is designed to be mounted directly on an air purifying respirator facepiece (1) for powering the respirator, the module (14) being intended either to be interposed between the respirator facepiece (1) and a filter canister (32), which may otherwise be connected to the respirator, or to be connected to the inlet of the filter canister (32).; The fan (22) may be either an axial fan or a centrifugal fan, and the fan and motor may be arranged relative to the housing inlet (16) and outlet (17) so asto minimise the extent to which the module projects from the facepiece and/or so that the motor will at least in part counterbalance the weight of the filter canister (32) about the axis of the pump module housing outlet (17).

Improvements in and relating to respirators.
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EP19850303668 19850523
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0164946 (A2)
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May 23, 1985
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December 18, 1985
Odell Raymond
Hilton Joseph Raymond
Racal Safety
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A62B 18/00
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