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The invention relates to an improvement in the process for the preparation of a synthetic quartz glass tube by the steps of deposition of silica soot produced by the flame hydrolysis of a silicon-containing compound on and around a mandrel of a carbonaceous material to form a tubular sintered silica layer, heating and vitrifying the sintered silica into quartz glass and pulling the carbon mandrel away from the tubular quartz glass body after cooling.; Different from the conventional carbon rod used as the mandrel, a tube of a carbonaceous material having an inner diameter equal to at least a half of the outer diameter is used as the mandrel so that the gas released from the sintered silica in the vitrification can readily diffuse through the walls of the tubular mandrel and never accumulates in the interface between the inner surface of the quartz glass layer and the outer surface of the tubular mandrel. As a result of the absence of such an accumulated gas which may cause bulging or other undesirable deformation of the quartz glass tube, the quartz glass tube prepared by the inventive method has a high dimensional accuracy in the inner surface and is free from inclusion of gas bubbles in the inner surface layer.

A method for the preparation of a synthetic quartz glass tube.
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EP19840106425 19840605
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0163752 (A1)
Application Date
June 5, 1984
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December 11, 1985
Sawada Katsuya
Okamoto Haruo
Shinetsu Chemical Co
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