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A wire rod is payed out from a pay-off stand and descaled in a descaling process. After preheating to a predetermined temperature by a preheating device, it is subjected to a lubrication pretreatment through a zinc calcium phosphate solution applied with ultrasonic wave in the lubrication pretreatment process. After rinsing process, the lubrication-pretreated wire rod is coated with a calcium stearate or a sodium stearate in lubricating process. Thereafter, the wire rod is dried sufficiently in drying process, and then added with a predies lubricant in wire drawing process and coiled by a coiler.

Method for continuous drawing of wire rod.
Application Number
EP19850303540 19850520
Publication Number
0163471 (A2)
Application Date
May 20, 1985
Publication Date
December 4, 1985
Fukuoka Masahiro
Ogata Kazutosi
Imamura Hideo
Maeda Shigeru
Fukuda Takashi
Hagita Hyoji
Sumitomo Metal
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