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Multicolour inked ribbon cartridge for an impact serial printer comprising a ribbon housing body and two arms protruding from such body to allow the interposition of a ribbon portion between printing head and printing support for the whole length of the platen when the cartridge is inserted by means of two lateral cylindrical shaped projections provided on the body into two suitable housings of the serial printer frame, allowing rotation of the body around a common axis of said cylindrical projections, parallel to the platen. The cartridge rotation around such axis and therefore the positioning of a suitable multicolour band between printing head and printing support is assured by a cam actuated by a motor and interacting with the body of such cartridge.; The cartridge is further provided with a string tight fit between the ends of its arms upon the multicolour ribbon portion interposing between head and printing support. Such string is devoted to hitch a ribbon positioning and guiding element, which therefore follows the cartridge rotation, and at the same time, being suitably coupled to the carriage of the serial printer, follows the printing head in its transversal shift in order to assure a correct positioning and tensioning of the subsequent zones of the multicolour ribbon contacted by the printing head.

Multicolour inked ribbon cartridge and related positioning mechanism for an impact serial printer.
Application Number
EP19850104301 19850409
Publication Number
0158963 (A2)
Application Date
April 9, 1985
Publication Date
October 23, 1985
Pessina Fabio
Cassiano Cosimo
Honeywell Inf Systems
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