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Cooling apparatus for dot matrix impact print head suitable for application in serial printers, where the print head is mounted on a carriage (7) sliding on guiding bars (4, 5) for reciprocating movement thereon, comprising a liquid filled container (10) with inlet (11) and outlet (12) mounted on the carriage and in termal contact with the printing head, a heat dissipator mounted in the printer and having a liquid filled cavity with inlet and outlet, flexible conduits connected to said inlets and outlets so as to form a liquid circulation loop and a unidirectional fluid valve (28) in said loop so that liquid circulation is induced in said loop by the reciprocating movement of the liquid container.; In the preferred form of embodiment the liquid container is formed integral with the print head, the liquid in the container being in direct contact with electromagnetic cores of the print head, and the heat dissipator is formed by a guiding bar, the bar being hollow and having inlet and outlet.

Cooling apparatus for dot matrix impact print head.
Application Number
EP19840103273 19840324
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0155975 (A1)
Application Date
March 24, 1984
Publication Date
October 2, 1985
Falcetti Carlo
Honeywell Inf Systems
B41J 29/00
B41J 29/377
B41J 29/377
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