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The invention provides chemically modified lymphokines having R &lparstr& O-CH2CH2 &rparstr& n wherein R is a protective group for the terminal oxygen and n is an optional positive integer, bonded directly to at least one primary amino group of the lymphokine moiety, and a method of producing the same. The chemically modified lymphokines according to the invention can be produced by reacting a lymphokine with an aldehyde of the formula R &lparstr& O-CH2CH@ &rparstr& @-1O-CH2CHO wherein R and n are as defined above, in the presence of a reducing agent. The chemically modified lymphokines according to the invention are useful as drugs, among others.

Chemically modified lymphokine and production thereof.
Application Number
EP19850102376 19850302
Publication Number
0154316 (A2)
Application Date
March 2, 1985
Publication Date
September 11, 1985
Fujino Masahiko
Nishimura Osamu
Takeda Chemical
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