0150930-A2 is referenced by 34 patents and cites 2 patents.

Glycerine derivatives of formula A RO-CH2-CH(OR)-CH2-OR (A) (wherein R, R and R, which may be the same or different, each represents a hydrogen atom or a group of formula -CH(COOH)-CH2-COOH, with the proviso that at least one of R, R and R represents other than a hydrogen atom), salts thereof and mixtures of two or more said compounds or salts are described. Such compounds are useful as detergent builders and are nitrogen and phosphorus free.

Glycerine derivatives.
Application Number
EP19850300164 19850110
Publication Number
0150930 (A2)
Application Date
January 10, 1985
Publication Date
August 7, 1985
Valenty Vivian Briones
Staley Mfg Co A E
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