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In a method wherein the fuel is homogeneously mixed with an inert material to be burnt in a swirling motion chamber, it is proposed that the mixing be done outside the combustion chamber (2) and introduced into the latter. Thereby, it is possible to prepare the fuel independently of the combustion process and of the desired thermodynamic conditions in the combustion chamber. The device for implementing such method comprises an ash evacuation channel (4) which opens out at its lower portion in a supply channel (8) for the swirling bed (2), said channel being supplied with fuel (6) and gas (10, 11).

Fluidised bed furnace.
Application Number
EP19840901978 19840529
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0146571 (A1)
Application Date
May 29, 1984
Publication Date
July 3, 1985
Glezermann Abraham
Wied Erwin
Inter Power Technologie
F23C 11/02
F23C 10/00
B01J 08/24
F23C 10/22
B01J 08/24
F23C 10/00
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