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1. Method for protecting, by means of a laser beam, a sheet metal working machine, such as a bending press, a shearing machine, a rolling machine or other like machine, comprising a tool (3) vertically mobile in the direction of the sheet metal in abutment on a support, in which the safety height where the horizontal laser beam must be located with respect to a horizontal reference plane is determined in order to ensure protection of the user of the machine, by adding to the height of the approach surface, i.e. the height of the upper surface of the sheet metal with respect to the reference plane, a safety distance less than 8 mm ; the emitter of the laser beam is displaced vertically ; the effective height of the laser beam emitted is permanently measured with respect to the reference plane ; this effective height of the laser beam is compared with the predetermined safety height ; ; and the vertical movement of the emitter of the laser beam is stopped when the height of this beam becomes equal to the safety height, is characterized in that the receiver (7) is displaced vertically, independently of the emitter (6), delayed with respect thereto, until it is aligned with the emitter (6), which then provokes stop of the receiver (7) in this position.

Method and device for protecting a sheet metal working machine by means of a laser beam.
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EP19840402499 19841205
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0146460 (A2)
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December 5, 1984
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June 26, 1985
Croguennec Jean
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F16P 03/14
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