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This invention relates generally to systems for intravenously administering medicine to a patient and more particularly to a vacuum vial infusion system for reconstituting a drug from a dried state to a liquid state while the drug is still within the vial. The drug is administered by means of an intravenous administration set which comprises a serial connector having an upper and lower channel attached to a delivery tube and a frame means; a penetrating means having two channels attached in series to the serial connector; a vial containing the drug covering the penetrating means; and a fluid flow restricting means situated in the lower channel of the serial connector.

Vacuum vial infusion system.
Application Number
EP19840308433 19841205
Publication Number
0146310 (A1)
Application Date
December 5, 1984
Publication Date
June 26, 1985
Sperry Charles Richard
Akers Michael James
Harris Dale Carvin
Hargrove William Walter
Lilly Co Eli
A61M 05/14
A61M 05/14
A61M 05/14
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