0138572-A2 is referenced by 128 patents and cites 3 patents.

Two pharmaceutically useful fractions of hyaluronic acid are obtained comprising a first fraction with a molecular weight between 50,000 and 100,000 which is useful for wound healing, and a second fraction having a molecular weight between 500,000 and 730,000 which is useful for intraocular and intraarticular injections. The fractions of hyaluronic acid are further useful as vehicles for opthalmic drugs, provided formulations compatible with the corneal epithelium and enhancing in vivo activity of such drugs.

Hyaluronic acid fractions having pharmaceutical activity, methods for preparation thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same.
Application Number
EP19840306914 19841010
Publication Number
0138572 (A2)
Application Date
October 10, 1984
Publication Date
April 24, 1985
Lorenzi Silvana
Romeo Aurelio
Della Valle Francesco
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