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The present invention is a UV curable composition of organic ethylenic unsaturated monomers and an organic polysiloxane polymer which has benzoin ether photoinitiator moieties bound to a silicon atom of the polymer. The compositions cure to form unsaturated monomer/polyorganosiloxane graft copolymers with improved low temperature flexibility, weatherability, insulating properties and impact strength. The silicone bound photoinitiators of the invention also increase cure efficiency of the compositions over compositions of unbound benzoin photoinitiators since multiple polymer chains are simultaneously grafted to the same silicone backbone. The compositions of the invention are useful in adhesives, printing inks, photoresists, lithographics, and in coatings for plastics, wood, paper, etc., to produce protective films with good weather resistance and water repellancy.

Curable compositions containing photoinitiators.
Application Number
EP19840304135 19840619
Publication Number
0129443 (A2)
Application Date
June 19, 1984
Publication Date
December 27, 1984
Lin Samuel Q S
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