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A gene having a DNA sequence complemtentary to that of the glucoamylase polypeptide mRNA from a fungal Species, preferably Aspergillus awamori, is prepared. The mRNA is an approximately 2.2 kilobase poly a RNA obtain from fungal cells grown under conditions of glucoamylase induction. Reverse transcription of the mRNA provides a glucoamylase probe used to identify genomic digest fragments containing glucoamylase gene regions, which are sequenced to locate the introns and exons. The genomic fragments are spliced together to form a gene having a DNA sequence with altered or deleted introns which codes for fungal glucoamylase protein and is capable, when correctly combined with a cleaved DNA expression vector, of expressing a non-native protein having glucoamylase enzyme activity upon transformation of a host organism by the vector. The host organism is preferably a bacterium or a yeast.; The transformed host organism may be used to produce ethanol.

Glucoamylase cdna.
Application Number
EP19840100834 19840126
Publication Number
0126206 (A2)
Application Date
January 26, 1984
Publication Date
November 28, 1984
Meade James Henry
Gelfand David Harrow
Innis Michael Alan
Flatgaard Jeffrey E
Nunberg Jack H
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