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Wind propeller the blades (1) of which are permanently connected to a rotatably mounted hub (2). The invention is characterized in that the blades (1) of the propeller have a radially displaceable disc which, under the influence of a springing means (4) working between the disc (3) and the blade (1) or the hub (2) is kept in a first position relative to the hub (2) as long as the wind propeller remains motionless or rotates slowly. At an increasing rotary speed the disc (3) is successively displaced radially outwards from the hub (2) to a second position relative to the hub (2) by the centrifugal force counteracted by the springing means (4).; The blade (1) as well as the disc (3) belonging to it has one or more through openings (5, 6) equally dispersed over the blade (1) and the disc (3) so that when the disc (3) is in the first said position it covers the opening or the openings (5, 6) in the blade (1) and vice versa, that is to say that the blade (1) and the disc (3) create a complete area of action for the wind. When the disc (3) moves towards the second position caused by an increased wind velocity said opening or openings (5, 6) in the blade (1) and the disc (3) increasingly coincide causing the area of action of the blade (1) to successively decrease at an increasing wind velocity.

Device at a wind propeller.
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EP19830903607 19831102
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0126114 (A1)
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November 2, 1983
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November 28, 1984
Jilken Leif
Stangakonsult Kalmar
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