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A drive-through chamber drier for timber where the timber loads (P) to be dried are carried on a roller track (10) through a front door (11) into the drying chamber. From the drying kiln, the timber loads (P) are removed after drying from the opposite side of the drying kiln through a rear door (13). The drying kiln comprises two or more drying chambers (K1, K3; K2, K4) connected in series. Of these chambers (K1, K3; K2, K4) connected in series, each chamber operates independently in such way that when the timber loads are moved from a first chamber (K1, K3) to the second chamber (K2, K4) the drying will be carried on in this chamber (K2, K4) starting substantially at the point which had been reached in the drying process in the first chamber (K1, K3).

Drive-through chamber type timber drying kiln.
Application Number
EP19840850119 19840412
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0122902 (A2)
Application Date
April 12, 1984
Publication Date
October 24, 1984
Uimonen Matti
Tekma Oy
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