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Apparatus for refrigeration and storage of products, especially liquid food products, such as milk, in an insulated tank (10). In the bottom of the tank there is disposed an evaporator (12) constituting part of a cooling coil in which a refrigerant circulates for keeping the tank contents cold. The product is supplied to the tank batchwise during certain time periods and the tank is adapted to hold several such batches of the product. To obtain a maximum average temperature of the product and the refrigerant for cooling with a minimum of energy consumption there is connected to the tank an insulated container (24) adapted to hold a batch of the product to be kept cold, said container (24) being itself provided with an evaporator (28) included in a cooling coil for cooling said product batch to the desired low temperature at which the product is kept cold in the tank (10).; A transferring equipment (36) is adapted automatically to transfer the contents from the container (24) to the tank (10) when said temperature has been attained.

Apparatus for refrigeration and storage of products.
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EP19840850116 19840410
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0122900 (A2)
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April 10, 1984
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October 24, 1984
Carlsson Stefan
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