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1. A device for time or en vent controlled recording of television programme signals, whereby the date of the shcheduled d start of a television programme item, on the one side, can be taken as reference value, e.g. in the form of a visually legible bar code (51) from a program announcement medium (5) and read into a storage device (310) and, on the other side, in a first time-controlled operational mode, is available as a dynamic actual value (outlet 351) from a real-time calendar clock (350) or, in a second event-controlled operational mode, can be taken from the television signal (32) containing the item as actual value (321) static for the duration of the item, characterized in that, into the storage device (310); an exchange flag-bit can be written marking the exchange of a previously announced programme item for another subsequently announced program item and taken from the programme announcement medium containing the later announcement together with the data reference value and that an evaluation device (3) contained in the device (310) is formed such that, in case of enent-controlled operational mode, a) recording does not take place, if at a stored reference-value date no exchange flag bit has been equally stored, and if instead of the date a drop-out identification signal is drawn from the television signal, and, b) time-controlled recording instead of event-controlled recording takes place, which results from the comparison between the reference value date and the actual-value date obtained from the calendar clock (350), if an exchange flag bit is stored together with the reference-value date.

Apparatus for the time or event controlled recording of television signals.
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EP19840104230 19840413
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0122626 (A2)
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April 13, 1984
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October 24, 1984
Heller Arthur Dipl Ing
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