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To reduce heat transfer to the flame tube 2 adjacent to the burner 5, vanes 19 are associated with the burner which cause combustion air to swirl before it mixes with gas from the burner and produce a vortex which encourages the gas to flow, and the flame to extend, centrally of the flame tube adjacent to the burner, and also cause air to surround the flame adjacent to the burner. In one embodiment the air is divided by a cowl 23 into a primary stream which passes through the vanes and a secondary stream which passes over the cowl and surounds the flame adjacent to the burner. By means of an air shroud 23 the air is caused to converge towards the central axis of the flame tube as it approaches the vanes. The flame length can be varied by adjusting the distance between the shroud and the burner.

Single-ended radiant tube.
Application Number
EP19840300103 19840109
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0117029 (A1)
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January 9, 1984
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August 29, 1984
Collier David William
W B Combustion
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