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An energy polymerizable composition and process therefore, comprising a cationically polymerizable material and a catalytically effective amount of an ionic salt of an organometallic complex cation as polymerization initiator, said ionic salt of an organometallic complex cation being capable of adding an intermediate strength nucleophile or upon photolysis capable of liberating at least one coordination site, said metal in said organometallic complex cation being selected from elements of Periodic Groups IVB, VB, VIB, VIIB, and VIIIB are disclosed. Certain of the organometallic metallic polymerization initiators are novel cationic salts.

Energy polymerizable compositions containing organometallic initiators.
Application Number
EP19830307102 19831121
Publication Number
0109851 (A2)
Application Date
November 21, 1983
Publication Date
May 30, 1984
Hendrickson William A C O Minn
Palazzotto Michael C C O Minne
Minnesota Mining & Mfg
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