0092059-A1 is referenced by 97 patents and cites 6 patents.

A two stage (22, 34) regeneration operation under sequential endothermic and exothermic temperature restricted conditions to remove high levels of carbonaceous material contributed by feeds of Conradson carbon content in the range of 2 to 20 is discussed. Initial removal of carbonaceous material of at least 40 percent is accomplished primarily with steam (25) and CO2 followed by removal of residual carbonaceous material with oxygen under CO2 flue gas producing conditions subsequentially employed in said endothermic operation with steam.

Regeneration of catalyst used in the conversion of carbo-metallic containing residual oils.
Application Number
EP19830102769 19830321
Publication Number
0092059 (A1)
Application Date
March 21, 1983
Publication Date
October 26, 1983
Hettinger William P Jr
Ashland Oil
B01J 29/38
C10G 11/14
C10G 11/00
C10G 11/18
C10G 11/05
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