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1. A process for the preparation of 2-methoxy-alkanoic acid of 2 to 5 carbon atoms by oxidation of the corresponding 2-methoxyalkanols with nitric acid in the presence of vanadate ions as catalyst, at temperatures below 90 degrees C, and separation of the 2-methoxyalkanoic acid by distillation, wherein a) less than 3 moles of nitric acid are used per mole of methoxyalkanol, b) the oxidation is carried out at from 40 to 80 degrees C, c) the reaction mixture is treated at from 40 to 100 degrees C with an excess of methoxyacetaldehyde or 2-methoxypropionaldehyde, and then heated to above 100 degrees C, while distilling off water without applying a vacuum, and d) the residue, after isolation of the 2-methoxyalkanoic acid by fractional distillation, is used again as catalyst for the oxidation of 2-methoxyalkanol by this process.

Process for preparing 2-methoxyalkanoic acids.
Application Number
EP19830102126 19830304
Publication Number
0088961 (A1)
Application Date
March 4, 1983
Publication Date
September 21, 1983
Hellbach Hans
Eisfeld Wolfgang Dr
Disteldorf Walter Dr
C07C 59/125
C07C 51/487
C07C 51/27
C07C 51/42
C07C 51/16
C07C 51/487
C07C 51/27
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