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A fast fluidized bed reactor comprises an upright reaction chamber (10) having a lower region (11) containing a bed of granular material, a cylindrical upper region (18), and an inlet (17) for feeding matter to be reacted into the lower region (11). In operation the bed of granular material is fluidized in the fast regime by a first stream of pressurized air supplied through a plurality of openings (12) at the base of the lower region (11) and at least a portion of the granular material is continually entrained upwards into the upper region (18).; To increase the reaction rate, a second stream of pressurized air is supplied tangentially into the upper region (18) through openings (19) so as to create a cyclone of turbulence and to maintain therein a Swirl number of at least 0.6 and a Reynolds number of at least 18,000, and at maximum operating capacity of the reactor the second stream of air should constitute at least 50% of the total pressurized air fed to the reactor. Near the top of the upper region (18) granular material is removed from the reaction chamber (10) for return either directly or indirectly to the lower region (11) to complete circulation of the fluidized bed material

Fast fluidized bed reactor and method of operating the reactor.
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EP19820306699 19821215
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0082673 (A2)
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December 15, 1982
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June 29, 1983
Korenberg Jakob
York Shipley
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