0081724-A1 is referenced by 12 patents and cites 4 patents.

1. Flexible peritoneal catheter for permanent implantation in peritoneal dialysis, comprising a distal end which can be connected to a connector, a region which can be passed through the abdominal wall of the patient and a proximal end, which can be introduced into the peritoneal cavity, and at least one bend, characterized in that the bend(s) is or are prefabricated stress-free in the catheter region which is fitted and/or implanted in front of and/or in the abdominal wall, in such a way that the bend(s) is or are convertible into the extended state during implantation and, due to its or their flexible properties, automatically returns or return after implantation to the prefabricated bent state.

Intraperitoneal catheter.
Application Number
EP19820110953 19821126
Publication Number
0081724 (A1)
Application Date
November 26, 1982
Publication Date
June 22, 1983
Grosse Siestrup Christian Dr
Schurig Randolf Dr
Krautzberger Wolfgang Prof
Becker Helmut Dr
Affeld Klaus Prof
Bartz Volker
A61M 01/03
A61M 25/00
A61M 01/00
A61M 01/00
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