0079617-A2 is referenced by 6 patents and cites 6 patents.

1. An outlet valve with a rapid deflation function, for a sphygmomanometer with a pump (5) for inflating a sleeve (9), which valve can be transferred out of a first stable position (Figure 2) into a stable rapid deflation position (Figure 3, Figure 11), characterised in that the outlet valve (1) is transferred into the first stable position by the inflating operation of the pump.

Pressure relief valve for a sphygmomanometer.
Application Number
EP19820110594 19821116
Publication Number
0079617 (A2)
Application Date
November 16, 1982
Publication Date
May 25, 1983
Stiebler Franz
Kallmeyer Richard Fa
A61B 05/02
A61B 05/022
A61B 05/0235
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