0078401-A1 is referenced by 15 patents and cites 4 patents.

A magnetic theft detection system marker is adapted to generate magnetic fields at frequencies that (1) are harmonically related to an incident magnetic field applied within an interrogation zone and (2) habe selected tones that provide the marker with signal identity. The marker is an elongated, ductile strip of amorphous ferromagnetic material having a composition defined by the formula FeaCrbCcPdMoeCufBgSih where "a" ranges from about 63-81 atom % "b" ranges from about 0-10 atom %, "c" ranges from about 11-16 atom %, "d" ranges from about 4-10 atom %, "e" ranges from about 0-2 atom %, "f" ranges from about 0-1 atom %, "g" ranges from about 0-4 atom % and "i" ranges from about 0-2 atom %, with the proviso that them sum (c+d+g+h) ranges from 19-24 atom % and the fraction [c/(c+d+g+h)] is less than about 0.84.

Amorphous antipilferage marker.
Application Number
EP19820108920 19821011
Publication Number
0078401 (A1)
Application Date
October 11, 1982
Publication Date
May 11, 1983
Witte Wayne Henry
Sellers Gregory Jude
Kavesh Sheldon
G08B 13/24
H01F 01/12
G08B 13/24
C22C 45/00
H01F 01/153
G08B 13/24
C22C 45/02
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