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Penem compounds are of the formula: where R1 is H or 1-hydroxyethyl, wherein the -OH may be protected by a protecting group, e.g. alkoxycarbonyl, R2 is one of 21 aliphatic, aromatic or heterocyclic groups shown, and R3 is H or a protecting group for the -COO, e.g. alkyl. Preparative methods depend on the nature of R2 and include: (a) heating a compound of and optionally removing protecting groups. Methods are described of synthesing the compound (II) from a compound. The Compounds (I) are useful antibacterial compounds.

Carboxylic beta-lactam compounds and the preparation thereof.
Application Number
EP19820303731 19820715
Publication Number
0070204 (A2)
Application Date
July 15, 1982
Publication Date
January 19, 1983
Enomoto Masao
Inoue Takaaki
Matsumura Haruki
Sunagawa Makoto
Sumitomo Chemical Co
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