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There is disclosed a silver halide light-sensitive color photographic material which comprises a support and coated thereon a light-sensitive layer containing a compound which, upon reaction with an oxidized color developing agent, is capable of releasing a diffusible development inhibitor and a negative type light-sensitive silver halide emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide crystals essentially consisting of mono-dispersed silver halide crystals of which size distribution satisfies the following relation: S/r ni/ SIGMA ni and r = SIGMA niri/ SIGMA n1i in which ri represents the crystal size of individual silver halide crystals and ni represents the number of crystals. The light-sensitive color photographic material of the present invention provides an image of remarkably improved sharpness.

Light-sensitive color photographic material.
Application Number
EP19820303652 19820712
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0070182 (A1)
Application Date
July 12, 1982
Publication Date
January 19, 1983
Iijima Toshifumi
Yamashita Kiyoshi
Konishiroku Photo
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G03C 07/30
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