0070025-A2 is referenced by 11 patents and cites 3 patents.

A trailing arm suspension which comprises a suspension arm (1) suspended to a suspension member (4) through resiliently deformable members (2). The resilient members (2) are arranged so that at least one of the members has its longitudinal axis tilted with respect to a pivot axis (6) of the suspension arm (1) for vertical displacement thereabout. The tilting angle of the member is selected to make sure that a high rigidity axis (7) of the resilient member which extends normally to the longitudinal axis thereto crosses the high rigidity axis (7 min ) of the other resilient member at a point (Q) behind the pivot axis (6).; The crossing point (Q) of the high rigidity axis (7, 7 min ) is located behind the pivot axis (6) of the suspension arm (1) and behind and outside of the traction point (T) of a road wheel (5) so that toe-in change may be caused in the wheel alignment in response to a lateral force applied thereto.

Trailing arm suspension for an automotive vehicle.
Application Number
EP19820106228 19820712
Publication Number
0070025 (A2)
Application Date
July 12, 1982
Publication Date
January 19, 1983
Shibata Yasuji
Nissan Motor
B60G 07/02
B60G 03/26
B60G 07/02
B60G 03/18
B60G 03/00
B60G 07/02
B60G 03/26
B60G 03/14
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