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Oxoindolizine and oxoindolizinium dyes are novel compounds useful in image formation such as in laser recording and reading. The dyes are formed by (1) the reaction of a cyclopropenone compound with a pyridine compound and optionally (2) by reaction of the product from (1) with a color-forming compound preferably in the presence of an oxidant.

Oxoindolizine and oxoindolizinium dyes and processes for their preparation.
Application Number
EP19820303381 19820628
Publication Number
0068876 (A1)
Application Date
June 28, 1982
Publication Date
January 5, 1983
Wadsworth Donald Harols
Bender Steven Lee
Fletcher Jr George Leland
Eastman Kodak Co
C07D 471/04
C09B 57/00
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G03C 01/73
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C07D 471/00
G03C 01/73
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C09B 57/00
C09B 23/00
C07D 471/04
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