0068547-A1 is referenced by 33 patents and cites 4 patents.

A dry laundry bleach composition comprising a mixture of peroxyacids provides enhanced bleaching of > soils. The compositions of this invention comprise at least two beaches selected from different classes of peroxyacids. A preferred composition comprises perlauric acid, a hydrophobic bleach and diperoxydodecanedioic acid, a hydrotropic bleach.

Mixed peroxyacid bleaches having improved bleaching power.
Application Number
EP19820200707 19820609
Publication Number
0068547 (A1)
Application Date
June 9, 1982
Publication Date
January 5, 1983
Kacher Mark Leslie
Bossu Frank Paul
Procter & Gamble
D06L 03/02
C11D 03/39
C11D 03/39
C11D 07/54
C11D 03/39
C11D 07/54
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