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A flow-by anode is disclosed made by preparing a liquid suspension of about 8 to about 18% by weight solids, the solids comprising about 3.5 to about 8% of a powdered catalyst of platinum, palladium, palladium oxide, or mixtures thereof; about 60 to about 76% carbon powder (support) having a particle size less than about 20 m mu m and about 20 to about 33% of an inert binder having a particle size of less than about 500 m mu m. A sufficient amount of the suspension is poured over a carbon cloth to form a layer of solids about 0.01 to about 0.05 cm thick on the carbon cloth when the electrode is completed. A vacuum was applied to the opposite side of the carbon cloth to remove the liquid and the catalyst layer/cloth assembly is dried and compressed at about 10 to about 50 MPa's. The binder is then sintered in an inert atmosphere to complete the electrode.; The electrode is used for the oxidation of sulfur dioxide in a sulfur based hybrid cycle for the decomposition of water.

Carbon cloth supported electrode.
Application Number
EP19820300515 19820201
Publication Number
0066349 (A1)
Application Date
February 1, 1982
Publication Date
December 8, 1982
Ammon Robert Leroy
Lu Wen Tong Peter
Westinghouse Electric
C25B 11/08
C25B 01/22
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C25B 11/14
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C25B 11/04
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