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1. Racking device comprising a plurality of lockers (1) arranged over several columns, each column comprising several superimposed lockers, a control unit comprising a micro-processor connected via an electronic entry/exit system to the opening and closing locks for the lockers by electrical control, to buttons (2), to indicators (6, 7, 8), to a ticket distributor (14) provided with a cutter (15), to a cash checking unit (13) and to a safe box (12), characterised in that it comprises as many control units as there are columns of lockers, each locker comprising an indicator to show its free or used state and a button to permit its selection by a user, in that the said ticket distributor comprises a printer for printing data on the tickets, in that each control unit comprises code wheels (22); for identifying each locker with respect to the other lockers of the column and to all of the lockers of the other columns, an alphanumeric touch key pad (9) permitting the user to input data into the control unit with a view to opening the locker once this has been filled, and in that the racking device comprises in addition an anti-burglar alarm device.

Locker system controlled by a microprocessor.
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EP19810400811 19810522
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0065605 (A1)
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May 22, 1981
Publication Date
December 1, 1982
Harmand Jean Paul
Canino Andre
Gouin Jean Louis
Harmand Jean Paul
G07F 17/12
G07F 17/10
G07F 17/12
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