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1. An angular deflection guide (10) for coupling the longitudinally moving driving rods (17) of two closing and control linkages mounted angularly with respect to each other on windows, doors and the like, including a flexible band (20; 50; 50') connected at both ends to the driving rods (17), which is accommodated for longitudinal movement in an angular guide channel (12) having a transitional elbow section (13) in the area of the point of angle (15), and which may be provided with end holes (26) for riveted connection (16) of the driving rods (17), characterized in that the flexible band (20; 50; 50') consists of vertical layers of materials of different types, i.e. an upper and a lower outer layer (28, 29; 51, 51', 52) of plastic material on the one hand and at least one interposed inner lamina (25; 45, 46) of metal on the other hand, the two outer layers having a thickness (32, 33) filling in the rest of the inside width (19) of the guide channel (12) above the lamina (25; 45, 46), the inner lamina (25; 45, 46) has at least one aperture (27) in the terminal areas of the band (20; 50; 50') for connection of the upper outer layer (28; 51; 51') to the lower outer layer (29; 52), thereby constituting a prefinished assembly unit of the band, and the terminal areas of the outer layers (28, 29; 51, 51', 52) which remain straight in the guide channel (12) during corresponding use of the band (10; 50; 50') are provided with bulges (22).

Corner connection of locking and actuating bars for windows, doors or the like.
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EP19820102658 19820330
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0064595 (A1)
Application Date
March 30, 1982
Publication Date
November 17, 1982
Stephen Werner Ing Grad
Weidtmann Wilhelm Kg
E05F 07/08
E05F 07/00
E05F 07/08
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