0056265-A2 is referenced by 31 patents and cites 8 patents.

1. 5'-esters of pyrimidinenucleosides of the general formula I see diagramm : EP0056265,P8,F2 in which R**1 represents a methyl group or an iodine atom, R**2 represents a hydrogen atom or a hydroxyl group, R**3 represents a branched or unbranched alkyl group of 1 to 17 C atoms, a cycloalkyl group with 5 to 10 C atoms, or a phenyl group.

Pyrimidinenucleosides esterified in position 5 having antiviral activity, method for their preparation and medicinal compositions containing them.
Application Number
EP19820100104 19820108
Publication Number
0056265 (A2)
Application Date
January 8, 1982
Publication Date
July 21, 1982
Miestereck Helmut Dr Med
Lobering Hans Georg Dr Rer Nat
Thilo & Co Dr
A61K 31/70
C07H 19/08
C07H 19/00
C07H 19/06
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