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An inverter power supply has a field-effect transistor (16) as its switching device. Control pulses from a pulse transformer (T1) are applied to the gate electrode through a transistor circuit comprising a transistor (Q2P) with its base connected to the secondary of the pulse transformer and its emitter-collector circuit forming a discharge path for the gate capacitance. On the termination of a control pulse, the transistor (Q2P) becomes conducting and rapidly discharges the gate capacitance of the field-effect transistor, causing it to switch off very rapidly.; A second transistor (Q2N) may have its base connected to the output of the pulse transformer and its emitter-collector circuit connected between the gate electrode of the field-effect transistor and a source of potential, so that on arrival of a pulse it becomes conducting and rapidly charges the gate capacitance of the field-effect transistor (16), causing it to switch on very rapidly. The potential source may be a capacitor (C1) whose potential is maintained in operation by base-collector current flowing in the second transistor (Q2N). The circuit is constructed throughout of elements capable of operating at very high frequencies.

Inverter power supply capable of operation at high frequencies.
Application Number
EP19810306187 19811231
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0055941 (A1)
Application Date
December 31, 1981
Publication Date
July 14, 1982
Shelly Randolph D W
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