0054168-A1 is referenced by 27 patents and cites 1 patents.

1. 1,1,2-triphenyl-but-1-ene derivatives of the general formula (1) see diagramm : EP0054168,P10,F3 in which R**1 and R**2 can be the same or different, in the case of R**1 = R**2 , the substituents each being methyl or ethyl groups, in the case of R**1 being different to R**2 , one substituent being hydrogen and the other substituent being a methyl or ethyl group and their therapeutically acceptable salts.

1,1,2-triphenyl-but-1-ene derivatives, process for their manufacture and their use as pharmaceutical agents.
Application Number
EP19810109254 19811029
Publication Number
0054168 (A1)
Application Date
October 29, 1981
Publication Date
June 23, 1982
Grill Helmut Dr
Loser Roland Dr
Schickaneder Helmut Dr
Klinge Co Chem Pharm Fab
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