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1. Package for surgical suture material comprising two pieces of film which are positioned against each other at their edges and are joined in a sealing manner, enclosing the suture material and which have tearopen flaps on one edge, and a folding card positioned between the pieces of film and containing the substantial quantity of the suture material from which card projects a thread end of the suture material, characterized in that the one piece of film (12) is so designed that when the tear-open flaps (35, 36) are drawn apart, tear lines (43, 44) are produced which extend substantially in parallel to the end sides of the packagage, while, along the end sides of said piece of film (12) strips remain to cover two opposite edges of the folding card (14).

Package for surgical suture.
Application Number
EP19810106015 19810731
Publication Number
0046518 (A1)
Application Date
July 31, 1981
Publication Date
March 3, 1982
Fontana Karl Heinz
B65D 75/58
A61B 17/06
B65D 75/52
A61B 17/06
B65D 75/58
A61B 17/06
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