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1. Clamp-in ceiling design with an at least partially resilient sheet (7), to the edge region of which a clamping flang (8) is fixed which is made of plastic and can be inserted into and positively anchored in the groove (6, 15) of a wall strip (3, 14) located on the wall, the clamping flange (8) having a virtually anchorshaped cross-section and accordingly comprising a central web (9), intended for fixing to the sheet (7), and an upper holding bead (10) and a lower holding bead (11), and the groove (6, 15) being provided, corresponding to the design of the clamping flange (8), with at least one upper or one lower ring shoulder (6A, 6B, 17, 16), the two holding beads (10, 11) of the clamping flange (8) being shaped in such a way that, on insertion into the groove (6, 15) of the wall strip (3, 14), they are deformed and assume their anchored position inside the groove (6, 15),; characterized in that the lower holding bead (11) has, on its front face, a recess (12, 13) which, in the assembled state of the clamping flange (8), is accessible from the outside for a tool and thus enables the clamping flange (8) to be removed without damage, in such a way that a ring shaped lift-off lip (13) is formed which, in the assembled stat, rests on the outer face (Fu ) of the lower ring shoulder (16), either the lower holding bead (11) having the same size as the upper holding bead (10) and the two ring shoulders (16, 17) being arranged with a mutual horizontal offset, or the lower mholding bead (11) being made longer than the upper holding bead (10) and the two ring shoulders (16, 17) being shaped symmetrically within the groove (15) and being arranged vertically one above the other.

Stretched ceiling construction.
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EP19810104533 19810612
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0043466 (A2)
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June 12, 1981
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January 13, 1982
Allemann Roland
Allemann Roland
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