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For the production of a shaped article a composite material is used which leads to a shaped article comprising a coherent matrix, the matrix comprising A) homogeneousiy arranged bodies of a size of from about 50 A to about 0.5 mu , or a coherent structure formed from such homogeneously arranged particles, (14) and B) densely packed bodies (10,12) having a size of the order of 0.5 - 100 mu and being at least one order of magnitude larger than the respective particles stated under A), or a coherent structure formed from such densely packed particles, the bodies A (14) or the coherent structure formed therefrom being homogeneously distributed in the void volume between the bodies B, (10,12) The bodies A (14), and B (10,12) may, according to the invention, be bodies of a gas, a liquid or a solid.; In order to further improve the strengths and other properties of the shaped article it optionally additionally comprises embedded in the matrix, C) compact-shaped solid particles of a material having a strength exceeding that of ordinary sand and stone used for ordinary concrete, said particles having a size of 100 mu - 0.1 m. The shaped article may further optionally comrise D) additional bodies which have at least one dimension which is at least one order of magnitude larger than the particles A.

Shaped article and composite material and method for producing same.
Application Number
EP19810103363 19810504
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0042935 (A1)
Application Date
May 4, 1981
Publication Date
January 6, 1982
Bache Hans Henrik
Aalborg Portland Cement
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