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1. Hydro-electric installation comprising a turbine (11) with a vertical axis arranged within a prefabricated tank (1) made in one piece or from a plurality of superposed elements, provided with a cover (16) on which there are fixed a gearing (15) and a shaft (12) connecting the said turbine (11) to an electrical generator (14), with an "upstream" aperture (4) and a "downstream" aperture (5) these being situated at the two sides of a neck (9) provided within the tank (1) to serve as a support for a guide assembly or distributor (10) supplying the said turbine (11), said apertures being arranged so as to oblige the water to pass through the turbine (11) by entering through the "upstream" aperture (4) and issuing through the "downstream" aperture (5), characterized in that the said prefabricated tank (1) is anchored in a water course in such as way as to form a dam,; so that the water enters than tank (1) through the "upstream" aperture (4) situated in the middle region of the tank (1), in that the pre-fabricated tank (1) is provided at its upper portion with two opposite apertures (2 and 3) referred to as "upper" apertures, arranged axially of the water course and serving for discharging flood water, and in that the gearing fixed to the cover (16) is a step-up gearing (15) driving the electrical generator (14) also fixed to the cover (16) of the tank (1).

Low output preassembled hydroelectric power plant.
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EP19800200268 19800324
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0036453 (A1)
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March 24, 1980
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September 30, 1981
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