0035621-A1 is referenced by 37 patents and cites 5 patents.

The sound to be identified is transformed into an electric signal applied to an amplifier (11), a filtering circuit (13) and a computer device (20); the computer device comprises a microprocessor (21) and associated memories (22, 23) including a table of identifiable notes and octaves, so as to work out a value representative of the frequency of the sound to be identified, to control the reading in the table of notes (23a) in relation to said worked out value and to control the display of the note read on display means (27) connected to the computer device (20).

Apparatus for the identification and indication of notes generated by a musical instrument.
Application Number
EP19800401872 19801226
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0035621 (A1)
Application Date
December 26, 1980
Publication Date
September 16, 1981
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Roses Henri
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