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Compounds are disclosed which are phenoxyalkoxyphenyl derivatives of general formula (I) wherein Y represents the group -A, -ZA or OZA where A represents a carboxylic acid group, a 5-1H-tetrazolyl ring or a N-5-1H-tetrazolylcarboxamide group; Z represents a C1-4 alkylene, C2-4 alkenylene or C2-4 alkynylene chain optionally substituted by one or more C1-3 alkyl groups and Z represents a C1-4 alkylene chain optionally substituted by one or more C1-3 alkyl groups; X represents a C1-10 carbon chain which may be saturated or unsaturated in the case of chains containing at least 4 carbon atoms, and may be substituted by a hydroxy group or by one or more C1-3 alkyl groups, which chain may be interrupted by a benzene ring which may be linked through its 1- and 2-, 1- and 3-, or 1- and 4-positions; R represents a hydrogen atom or a C1-6 alkyl group; R represents the group -COR where R represents a hydrogen atom, an aryl group or a C1-6 alkyl group which may be substituted by an aryl group; R represents a C1-6 alkyl group or a C3-6 alkenyl group; and R and R which may be the same or different, each represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom or a hydroxy, C1-3 alkoxy, C1-6 alkyl, C3-6 alkenyl, C1-6 alkanoyl, nitro or carboxylic acid group with the proviso that R and R cannot both be nitro, alkanoyl or carboxylic acid groups, and physologically acceptable salts thereof. The compounds are potent antagonists of the action of slow reacting substance of anaphylaxis and are thus indicated for use in the treatment of obstructive airways diseases such as asthma and hay fever and in skin afflictions.

Phenol derivatives, processes for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.
Application Number
EP19800303101 19800904
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0028063 (A1)
Application Date
September 4, 1980
Publication Date
May 6, 1981
Ellis Frank
Oxford Alexander William
Glaxo Group
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