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Multipoint electronic fuel injection system with overlapping sequential injector actuation having a plurality of dual injector driver circuits (22-28) corresponding to an equivalent number of solenoid fuel injector pairs (L1, L5; ...; L4, L8) supplying fuel to an internal combustion engine, the injectors (L1-L8) being partitioned into two groups (L1-L4, L5-L8) with each pair having one injector from each group and by sequentially actuating the members of one group (L1-L4,) and then the members of the other (L5-L8), every injector (L1; ...; L8) being capable to be actuated for an extended portion of an injection cycle up to one full engine revolution; a bilevel select signal (SEL1; ...; SEL4) initiated with the actuation signal (EPP) is gated to each driver circuit (22; ...; 28) to enable each injector of a pair for one half of the sequencing period; associated with each driver circuit (22; ...; 28) is an independent pulse generator (14; ...; 20) which is additionally triggered in the sequence, the duration of the pulse width signals (PW1-PW4) from the pulse generators (14-20) being dependent on instantaneous engine operating parameters at the time of actuation; an inhibit feature for each pulse generator (14; ...; 20) is provided during desired acceleration or starting condition to extend the pulse width signal (PW1; ....; PW4) for the duration of time between two actuations; ; and provision is also made for banking the pulse width signals (PW1-PW4) to the driver circuits (22-28) during conditions when the engine may flood.

Sequential fuel injection system with overlapping injector actuation.
Application Number
EP19800401145 19800801
Publication Number
0024233 (A2)
Application Date
August 1, 1980
Publication Date
February 25, 1981
Weissler Ii Harold Edward
Wright Danny Orlen
Weber Robert Edwin
Carp Ralph Wolf
Drellishak Glen Joseph
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F02D 41/20
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