0023231-A1 is referenced by 534 patents and cites 2 patents.

1. A photolithographic method of copying a pattern onto a semiconductor disk, particularly for the manufacture of integrated circuits, whereby a mask is imaged onto a photosensitive layer of the semiconductor disk by means of an interposed projection lens, characterized in that at least during exposure the space between the semiconductor disk and the boundary face of the projection lens facing the disk remains filled with a transparent liquid.

Optical lithographic method and apparatus for copying a pattern onto a semiconductor wafer.
Application Number
EP19790102675 19790727
Publication Number
0023231 (A1)
Application Date
July 27, 1979
Publication Date
February 4, 1981
Lobach Ernst Dr
Tabarelli Werner W Dr
Tabarelli Werner W Dr
H01L 21/47
H01L 21/312
H01L 21/02
G03F 07/20
H01L 21/312
G03F 07/20
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