0016970-A1 is referenced by 7 patents and cites 10 patents.

On the vertical, cylindrical, electrically conductive antenna body (16) of a transmitting and receiving antenna (10) for electromagnetic radiation of horizontal polarisation, particularly in the VHF-band, elongated, electrically conductive frame elements (26) are arranged vertically in order to create a simply constructed, stable transmitting and receiving antenna with good transmitting and receiving characteristics. The frame elements (26), consisting in each case of a frame centre part (28) arranged vertically at a distance from the antenna body (16) and frame end parts (30) running on the antenna body (16), are provided with a supply point (34) for excitation against the antenna body (16) in the region of their longitudinal centre.

Antenna for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic radiation with horizontal polarisation.
Application Number
EP19800100998 19800228
Publication Number
0016970 (A1)
Application Date
February 28, 1980
Publication Date
October 15, 1980
Niedermayr Johann
Gschwendtner Josef
Kathrein Werke Kg
H01Q 21/24
H01Q 21/24
H01Q 21/20
H01Q 09/04
H01Q 21/26
H01Q 21/20
H01Q 09/26
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