0012877-A2 is referenced by 10 patents and cites 5 patents.

A yarn finish composition is disclosed for incorporation with synthetic organic polymer yarn or yarn products to render the same oil repellent and resistant to soiling. The composition comprises (a) a solution of a salt of dioctyl sulfosuccinate, propylene glycol and water, and (b) a fluorochemical compound consisting of polycarboxybenzene esterified with certain partially fluorinated alcohols and with hydroxyl-containing organic radicals such as 2-hydroxyethyl, glyceryl, and chlorohydryl or bromohydryl.

Soil resistant yarn finish composition for synthetic organic polymer yarn.
Application Number
EP19790104842 19791203
Publication Number
0012877 (A2)
Application Date
December 3, 1979
Publication Date
July 9, 1980
Dardoufas Kimon Constantine
Marshall Robert Moore
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