0009667-A1 is referenced by 31 patents and cites 6 patents.

The device (20) for inhalation of medicaments is used in conjunction with conventional aerosol dispensing devices (26). The inhalation device (20) comprises a chamber (22) whose volume is substantially smaller than the human tidal volume and which has on one side a holding fixture (28, 56) for the aerosol dispensing device (26) and, at a position remote from this, a mouthpiece (24). Upon actuation of the aerosol dispensing device (26), the medicament is sprayed into the chamber (22) and can be removed from the latter by suction through a non-return valve (30) between the mouthpiece (24) and the chamber (22). The inhalation device (20) ensures that, of the medicament particles of the aerosol, it is essentially only those having the therapeutic action which enter the body of the patient.

Inhalation device.
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EP19790103369 19790910
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0009667 (A1)
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September 10, 1979
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April 16, 1980
Newhouse Michael T Dr
Newhouse Michael T Dr
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